Why DLP Experts?

DLP Experts is in its 10th year of exclusive data loss prevention focus. As a vendor-agnostic reseller of leading data loss prevention technologies, we know each product intimately and share that knowledge with our customers so they have the information they need to find the right data protection technology.

10 Years in Data Loss Prevention

What DLP vendors do you represent? We can represent any DLP vendor, but work most closely with the leading enterprise DLP vendors including Digital Guardian, Forcepoint and Symantec.

What are the advantages of working with and buying product from DLP Experts?
Our time and experience in the DLP space is unmatched. No other company has worked as long as we have in the DLP marketplace and across as many different vendors. Because we are vendor-agnostic, we can share information the vendors and their traditional resellers cannot (or will not). We represent the best interests of our customers by laying out all the relevant information – good and bad – across all vendors and making expert recommendations.

What does it cost to engage with DLP Experts? As a value-added reseller, the majority of our revenue comes from the sale of DLP technologies. Most of our customers pay only for the cost of the DLP solution and deployment, but get the value-added benefit of our no-cost pre-sales services.

What services do you provide? While we can provide consulting engagements based on a specific statement of work, many of the services we provide are included at no additional cost as part of the pre-sales process:

• DLP Project Requirements Review/Creation
• Vendor Management
• Product Capabilities Review and Demonstrations
• Product Comparison Against Project Requirements
• POC Management
• Ancillary Product Deployment Support

What industries do we work in? Our expertise spans many industries and protecting all types of sensitive data, from personally-identifiable information to intellectual property. Our customers include banks, credit unions, insurance companies, hospitals, law firms, manufacturers, software companies, government agencies, utilities and retailers, among many others.

How do we start the process? How much does it cost? What are our obligations? We start with a brief initial consultation. There’s no cost, no obligation and no pressure. Engage us for 30 minutes, one week, a month – or for the duration of your project. There’s no cost to your organization along the way. If at any time you feel we are not providing value, cut us loose. No questions asked. As one customer recently shared:

We did not have to commit to anything. We could have purchased the software/services through any route we chose, but felt a loyalty to DLPX and wanted to make sure they were compensated for the tremendous work they did.
~ 1500-User Major Metropolitan Water District