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DLP’s Failure to Prevent Malicious Data Exfiltration –
and the Emergence of Innovative Data Protection Technologies

Continued data breaches clearly prove that DLP technologies are ineffective against the growing tide of malicious data exfiltration. This failure is driving the emergence of new and innovative approaches to data security. While most of these new technologies are not designed to replace DLP (although some invariably will), they add a layer of protection that at least has some reasonable chance at detecting and preventing malicious data exfiltration.

During this one-hour webinar, we will:

• Outline the reasons for DLP’s failure against malicious data exfil
• Introduce a growing list of innovative data protection technologies
• Explain each new vendor’s approach to data security

Whether you have DLP technologies currently in place, or you’re just considering your options, this webinar will help.

We hope you’ll join us!

Past Webinars

2018 State of the State on Data Loss Prevention

The Data Loss Prevention space has changed dramatically in the past decade. From simple tools keying on social security numbers in traffic bound for the Internet to comprehensive data protection technology suites, DLP is no longer a passing fad. DLP technologies are standard security equipment in compliance-driven industries like financial and healthcare and fast-becoming required for protecting any non-public information – especially intellectual property. Join us on this one-hour webinar for an overview of the DLP marketplace at large, a primer on available DLP technologies, their pros & cons, leading vendors and a capabilities review (what DLP can – and cannot – do).

Safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI)

This session addresses the unique needs of healthcare organizations to safeguard patient protected health information (PHI). As the federal government encourages hospitals and other healthcare organizations to move PHI to electronic form (ePHI), this data becomes more susceptible to simple and unintentional loss. In order to safeguard ePHI, data loss prevention (DLP) technologies can be employed to detect and block this sensitive data from leaving the protected network.

Protecting Member Data for Credit Unions

Credit unions have specialized environments and requirements for protecting member sensitive data. This session discussed the needs of credit unions, pulling from many years experience in helping prevent data loss. We discuss ways to leverage existing tools and technologies, the many available DLP technologies, critical network integrations with DLP and quick tips to make the most of your member data protection efforts.


In this session we address the needs of financial institutions to protect consumer personally identifiable information (PII). Data loss prevention (DLP) technologies can be employed to detect and block this sensitive data from leaving the protected network, avoiding breach events that can hurt businesses with fines/sanctions and customer churn.


As part of this Webinar, we review a comprehensive technical requirements list created and improved over the past six years. Since much of this content has been taken directly from actual requirements lists and RFPs for data loss prevention (DLP) projects, the content is not only current, it’s extremely relevant. Through this review, we call attention to the most critical technical requirements, address key industry-related requirements and identify common pitfalls in creating meaningful and successful data protection initiatives.