DLP Managed Services

Effectively protecting an organization’s most critical data is a 24/7 job that demands the right combination of people, processes and technology. For many organizations managing a security program equates to numerous dedicated full-time employees who are highly specialized in areas like perimeter security, data security, compliance and forensic skills. DLP Experts has a long-standing partnership with InteliSecure, the leader in managed services for data loss prevention with over 2 million users under management across 22 countries. InteliSecure’s Managed Security Services leverages the most appropriate technologies, professional staff and proprietary Quality Management System methodology to protect an organization’s most critical assets.

InteliSecure is the first and only Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to challenge the status quo in cybersecurity by delivering a hybrid application of expert human intelligence with a proven Critical Asset Protection Program™ methodology, founded in a deep knowledge of the latest technologies.

Unlike any other MSSP, InteliSecure:

•  Starts by identifying and prioritizing your critical intellectual property and other key assets.
•  Establishes a continuously monitored security intelligence program that protects your critical assets from internal and external threats.
•  Provides a highly focused and effective cybersecurity strategy customized to your specific organization.
•  Helps ensure your critical assets stay where they are supposed to be and are only seen by those authorized to have access.