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We’re talking about the nitty-gritty details some people don’t want you to know. Please don’t misunderstand. We love our data loss prevention vendors. We’ve worked with them every day for the past 10 years. But our ultimate commitment is to our customer, the DLP user: You.

Important data loss prevention information is available, but it’s not shared openly. We will share everything about every DLP technology with you. This is the only way you can find the right solution. We created the Data Loss Prevention Vendor Review to share that critical information:

  • What are the differences between Enterprise DLP solutions and Integrated DLP (Channel DLP)?
  • What should we expect to pay for a leading DLP solution?
  • Which data loss prevention solutions are the easiest to use?
  • Which DLP solutions are best suited to our industry and our types of data?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each data loss prevention technology?


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    Five Critical Facts About Enterprise DLP Vendors


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    Data Loss Prevention Solution Strengths & Weaknesses

    • Digital Guardian

    • 1. Unsurpassed User Activity Visibility & EDR Capability
    • 2. Managing Detailed Activity Policies Can Prove Very Complex
    • 3. Full Solution Currently Requires Three Management Consoles
    • 4. Unique Vendor-Provided Fully Managed Service Available
    • 5. Well Suited for Large Enterprises & Intellectual Property Protection
    • Forcepoint

    • 1. CASB & UEBA Acquisitions Driving DLP Market Change
    • 2. Unique User Risk Ranking Directs Resources to Most Critical Incidents
    • 3. Low Cost Year 1 Subscription May Prove More Costly Over Time
    • 4. User-Friendly Policy Creation & Management Console
    • 5. Large-Enterprise Capable But Scales Down to Support SMB
    • McAfee

    • 1. New Version 11 Addresses Long-Standing Problems
    • 2. Solid Integration with Other McAfee Products
    • 3. Lack of Database Fingerprinting Limits Accuracy in Protecting Personally-Identifiable Information
    • 4. Full Solution Integration with ePO
    • 5. Well Suited to Organizations with Existing McAfee Products
    • Symantec

    • 1. Long-time DLP Market Leader & Innovator
    • 2. Complex Architecture Requires Significant Deployment Hours & Cost
    • 3. Feature-Richness Allows for Customization But Adds Complexity
    • 4. Only Solution Supporting a Single Policy Across All Components
    • 5. Complexity Makes it Well Suited to Large-Enterprise – Not SMB


    In the Market for a Data Loss Prevention Technology?


    Download our DLP Buyer’s Guide & Get Nitty-Gritty Insider Secrets

    If your company is looking at data loss prevention to help protect data, there’s a lot you can learn from the DLP Experts DLP Buyer’s Guide. In addition to more detail on each leading DLP vendor, we also provide explanations of the major DLP approaches – and which approach may be right for your organization. We address DLP solution complexity – does DLP have to be so hard to deploy and manage? Spoiler alert: the answer is NO! (and the Buyer’s Guide explains why). What about your existing technologies? How will proposed DLP solutions impact your network infrastructure? Will you have to purchase other technologies to go along with your DLP investment? Another spoiler alert: depending on the DLP solution, YES – you may have to buy another technology to get the most from your DLP solution. And there’s a lot more where that came from!

    Access the DLP Buyer’s Guide here:   DLP Buyer’s Guide

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    No one knows data loss prevention technologies like DLP Experts. No other company has our level of knowledge and experience in data loss prevention. And we know all the leading DLP vendors. And what others may know, they aren’t likely to share. Don’t take it from us. Here’s what some of our recent customers had to say about DLP Experts:

    DLP Experts coordinated meetings and discussions with multiple DLP solutions and went to bat for us multiple times during negotiations and while scoping project and deliverables. They provided a great service being able to remain product neutral and factual when discussing options. DLP Experts was the number one reason for our project succeeding. They were above board and honest when discussing every solution. Their knowledge of the DLP space is unparalleled and if I had another DLP project to fulfill I would certainly seek out their assistance once again.
    The thing that we most appreciated about DLP Experts is their familiarity with many DLP products. We did not have time or resources to perform a full RFQ/Evaluation, and the time that DLPX spent with us finding out our needs really got us to the point where we were able to more rapidly select a product. We believe they were vendor neutral in this process and were truly interested in helping us find the product that best fit our needs.
    DLP Experts interfaced with the assessment vendor and took care of much of what we normally have to handle ourselves, saving us a lot of time. As we considered multiple vendors, DLP Experts helped us in our due diligence process, providing product information, personal experience and vendor pricing.
    DLP Experts knows all the available products and what’s the best fit. They helped us fix issues after choosing another vendor on our own. They were very helpful and their honesty and integrity was never in question.