We provide Data Loss Prevention technologies to great companies.

  • 2000-User Retailer

    DLP Experts was the number one reason for our project succeeding. They were above board and honest when discussing every solution we chose to review. Their knowledge of the DLP space is unparalleled and if I had another DLP project to fulfill I would certainly seek out their assistance once again.

  • Healthcare Provider

    DLP Experts interfaced with the assessment vendor and took care of much of what we normally have to handle ourselves, saving us a lot of time. As we considered multiple vendors, DLP Experts helped us in our due diligence process, providing product information, personal experience and vendor pricing.

  • State Government Department

    DLP Experts has a wealth of knowledge and experience in DLP. It is indeed their area of expertise and they have been an invaluable asset for us throughout the project. They never lose sight of the ultimate goal – to protect information – and possess a sense of urgency to achieve it. Their experience with the subject and with various vendors was a strong support for our efforts and for successful deployment of our solution of choice.

  • Publicly-Traded Bank

    Our experience with DLP Experts has been very favorable. The team at DLP Experts are truly “Experts” in their field.

  • 1500-User Water Utility

    I have been in IT for nearly 30 years, and I think it is rare to find an organization that I would recommend so highly. No reservations about the honesty and integrity of DLP Experts. They were completely transparent throughout the process and I have no reservations at all recommending them.

  • Community Bank

    They know all the available products and what’s the best fit.

  • Washington State Department

    Having inherited our DLP installation in a staffing change, the DLP Experts team displayed consummate professionalism, and earnest friendliness in bringing our team back up to speed in an amazingly short time. Their knowledge, courtesy, and patience stand out as exemplar during this difficult time.