Aperture for Microsoft Security Products

Implement Comprehensive Data Protection in the Microsoft Ecosystem

InteliSecure Aperture™: The Cloud-Native, Enterprise-Ready Microsoft Security Platform

As the first-ever multi-tenant solution for Microsoft application security, Aperture centralizes, standardizes, and simplifies alerting and management for Office 365 DLP, Azure Information Protection (AIP), and Microsoft Cloud App Security (CAS) tools. Aperture enables you to get the greatest value from the Microsoft technology you already have, saving your company time, money, and effort.

See Aperture Work for You

Built for the cloud and designed to give you a single-pane-of glass view into your Microsoft data protection stack, Aperture is the visibility solution you’ve been looking for.

See All Your Microsoft Security Tools Together

Aperture ties together information from across your Microsoft Office 365, Azure Information Protection (AIP), and Cloud App Security (CAS) security ecosystem.

Get true security visibility

Manage all data security events no matter where they originate, through a single interface.

Reduce strain on internal security staff

Provide incident and triage management for large volumes of events with the backing of proven managed data protection services.

Consolidate security vendors and tools

Reduce or eliminate duplicate security tools, duplicate costs, and duplicate efforts.

Reduce overall security costs

Get cost-effective, enterprise-level compliance for 500 to 5,000 users by utilizing the Microsoft licensing you already own.


Take 5 minutes to watch our brief Aperture intro and discover how the platform will transform the way you use your Microsoft data protection tools.


Make the Most of the Microsoft DLP Solutions You Already Own

An intuitive interface provides organizations insight into their truly significant events and areas of greatest risk—in one place.

A single pane of glass

An intuitive interface provides organizations insight into their truly significant events and areas of greatest risk—in one place.

Enterprise ready

Aperture’s managed data protection methodology provides the ability to manage, understand, and facilitate large volumes of alerts to help your security teams sift through the noise and focus attention on the information that matters most.

Empowers business-centered decisions and control

Aperture enables tailored configurations so that your security administrators can create a powerful security strategy with custom classifications and policies, role-based access control, and standardized governance across on-premises and cloud-based applications.


Powered by our patent-pending managed data protection methodology, Aperture’s real-time reporting enables you to keep a pulse on your enterprise-wide security posture and provide essential information to the people who need it, when they need it.

Microsoft Data Protection in the Cloud, for the Cloud

Powered by InteliSecure’s proven FXSM managed data protection methodology, Aperture provides an intuitive, dynamic, and configurable solution enables a stronger security posture and more effective protection for all your critical assets—at rest, in use, and in motion.