DLP Reimagined

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Even after all of these years, DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions have failed to prevent data
breach growth. One of the main problems of DLP is that the solutions only block or encrypt data
that tries to leave the endpoint. Data security should focus on persistently securing data
wherever it goes, regardless of location, which means securing data by default. With all of the
flaws of DLP, organizations should adopt a new and improved security architecture like Zero
Trust. SecureCircle takes on a Zero Trust Data Security approach to ensure that data is secure
at all times without any limitations.

There are three large security gaps for DLP users, which include :

1. Discovery & Classification

2. Operations

3. Failed Architecture & Technology

To this day, DLP still requires many additional tools such as Discovery and Classification to
work. DLP requires an extensive library of rules and policies which need to be continuously
updated. By relying on other products and tools, DLP can be very costly and complex to use.

Operational success can be measured by the amount of friction introduced into users’ and
administrators’ work environments. For most organizations, DLP tends to create barriers for
workers by impacting their ability to work effectively. Because DLP is so complicated,
companies often hire DLP deployment consultants to configure the DLP to work correctly. The
majority of the time, companies never operationalize DLP within a company because DLP
requires so much maintenance. All of the time and money invested in DLP by these companies
still do not guarantee that their data will be completely secure.

Another huge flaw of DLP is that it does not secure data on the endpoint. Instead, DLP tries to
limit data egress from the endpoint. By doing this, users are blocked from everyday tasks such
as copying data to the USB drive. DLP also requires users to be active participants in the
security process. Most employees simply do not care or have no interest in doing so because
they are more focused on doing their actual job. DLP is also based solely on regex pattern
matching, which is very fragile. All of these flaws can create many data escapes.

SecureCircle’s Zero Trust Data Protection solution covers everything DLP was able to solve and
more. Companies worldwide spent billions of dollars on DLP technology, hoping to answer their
intellectual property protection. However, this is not the case because there were many flaws
and evidence that it did not work. DASB is the “new new” for data protection because it merely
protects your data no matter what.

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