Gaps in Data Loss Prevention?

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Who said that? You mean, DLP is not perfect?

Recently a Gartner analyst referred to “an important gap” in current DLP solutions. We would take that one step further and say that the inference that there is only one – “an” important gap in DLP – is incorrect. There are many critical weaknesses in leading DLP technologies and the only way to fix them is with a level of visibility that DLP does not – cannot – provide.

You see, DLP tools have very limited visibility – basically showing only policy violations. Policy violations are important, of course, but there is so much more information that is useful. How would this added visibility be useful, you ask? It would help:

– prove intent
– detect preparations for malicious data exfiltration
– provide detailed forensic data
– show all data egress, not just policy violations
– uncover false negatives (which are the data breaches)
– identify new policies required to prevent data loss

If you accept the basic premise that DLP technologies are not perfect, the next question is: Exactly how are they not perfect? And then: Which are the tools that can improve DLP and exactly how can they be used?

See our other posts or white papers for the answers to those questions. Or just drop us a line. We’re happy to review them with you.

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