Yet Another DLP Player

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For a number of years, Lumension has skirted the DLP space with its device control capabilities.  In fact, it’s been a number of years since the company first started touting the “DLP” capabilities of its device control product (SecureWave acquisition). 

Well, now Lumension is ready to really move into DLP with the recent announcement of a relationship with RSA’s DLP solution.  Lumension will license the RSA DLP SDK in order to bring these DLP features to its solution.  This move is not surprising as many of Lumension endpoint control competitors have already signed on to increase true DLP functionality. 

It does make me wonder how the face of DLP may change in coming years.  With so many endpoint solutions adding real DLP features, will they be able to significantly compete and win marketshare from the DLP suites that include network and discovery?

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