Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Interest Increasing

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I’ve been hearing about how data loss prevention (DLP) would someday explode on the security scene since I first heard a security analyst claim that 2007 would be the “year of DLP.”  Then I heard the same analyst claim that 2008 would be the “year of DLP.”  The economy single-handedly proved that wasn’t going to happen.  Even then, I heard a number of people (admittedly mostly positive-thinking vendors) claim that 2009 would be the “year of DLP.”  Now, when it didn’t happen in 2009, I didn’t hear anyone make the claim that 2010 would be that blessed year, when DLP would finally–FINALLY–hit its stride and explode.  But that may be just what’s happening.

I think I can safely say that interest in data loss prevention (DLP) appears to be on the rise, even if the indicators aren’t very scientific.  Many DLP vendors are quietly reporting significant DLP enforcement technology revenue increases in the first half of 2010 over the same period in 2009.  From personal experience at DLP Experts, I can safely say that interest has turned from a passive and tentative DLP tire-kicking to active research for deployment in 2010 or 2011.  Many organizations that first discussed with me the topic of DLP a number of years ago have just now begun to make DLP active, budgeted projects.

So, to hear that the Data Loss Prevention session at the recent Gartner Security Summit was “bigger than ever” is really no surprise.  For those of us (vendors, VARs, integrators, etc.) who have committed ourselves, companies and resources to DLP, I say it’s about time.

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