Gartner Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Magic Quadrant – SMB DLP?

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I was waiting to digest the recent DLP MQ before I posted my thoughts and comments, but just read the Network World article reporting on Gartner analyst Eric Ouellet’s presentation at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit this week.  (My full response to the new MQ will be forthcoming.)  There was one section that promoted Gartner’s “dividing line” between enterprise and SMB DLP solutions.  Below is my post on the subject:

No one will contest the fact that Gartner’s data loss prevention leaders (Symantec, RSA, et al) were designed architecturally to support the world’s largest enterprise environments. However, I think it’s inaccurate to pigeonhole all remaining vendors as suitable only for SMB. Especially considering the fact that some of these remaining vendors have created proven DLP architectures that scale more easily and cleanly than others.

I have experience working with some of the vendors referred to in this report (and the Gartner MQ) as good fits “…for SMBs mainly concerned with a basic compliance need…” While I agree that a couple of them are best-suited to smaller environments, I disagree with the inference that the others are SMB-only solutions. I know two of these vendors have customers with tens of thousands of users–hardly SMB–and one of the others supports multi-gigabit speed networks.

Gartner lists Websense among vendors “suitable for large enterprises” while also listing them as a “good fit for SMBs” in the same sentence. I have to believe that’s a simple mistake. But, just in case it wasn’t a mistake and we want to confuse the issue further, this report leaves out the Gartner DLP MQ comment that shows Code Green as much more than an SMB solution: “It is very easy to deploy and use for up to 50,000 users, making the overall offering attractive to price-sensitive enterprise buyers.”

I have a couple take-aways from this exercise: be sure to do your DLP homework and consider the idea that some vendors may actually be well-suited for and scale from the SMB to the large enterprise.

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